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Get to know us better

Baan restaurant concept

As Thais, we are greatly connected to our family from the way we are raised and the way we live defines who we are as a person and also what kinds of food we will call our “Family Dish”.

The word “BAAN” means home in Thai. When people want to know about our story, our journey, we always start at home. We grew up in a big family, eating grandma or grandpa’s food, this flavor is the taste that stuck with us. The world and its people are growing and changing every single day but what has hardly changed is our perception of the foods we like, the taste that we call “delicious”.

Our intentions are clear

What we want is to bring all of our customers into our big family and to share the taste that we grew up with. What we proudly call our “Family Recipe”. It might look like a modern rendition when we present it but the flavor and feeling are all in there.

Respect our land & sea

Our beef and baby lamb


All the beef and baby lamb we use here at Baan is raised carefully by a nice and lovely Islamic farming community in Pakchong, Thailand.

The cows are raised naturally without any chemicals or hormones. They are slaughtered according to Halal regulations. This method is the most gentle and humane procedure to slaughter any animal. It also guarantees that all the blood, that could contain harmful substances, is drained totally from all the muscles of the animal. Resulting in a clean hygienic product for your enjoyment.

The baby lambs are raised mainly by milk, even after their nursing period is over. One or two weeks prior to slaughtering, they will get fed with (buffet style!) tropical fruits.  You could almost see the lambs smiling with ecstasy with such a full belly. All this resulting in a fat plump baby lamb with tender juicy meat ready for all of your magical meals!


**Our lovely supplier: Company B

Our eggs


All our eggs come from a free-range hen house in Salaburi. They are fed all natural products and are allowed to roam and find the essential parts of their diet that other “factory farmed” chickens miss out on. This makes the eggs that we use at Baan more nutritious, and delicious, than your average grocery store egg. We think you will find the way the chickens are cared for directly translates to the final taste of the egg.


**our lovely suppler: Udomchai Farm

Our pork


The pigs we use here at Baan, just like the cows and lambs, are raised without antibiotics and in the most natural way possible. From keeping the mother comfortable during pregnancy to ensuring the piglets are allowed to nurse directly from their mother, the birthing cycle is as close to their natural behavior possible. After the piglets have grown they are allowed to roam in a relaxed setting, complete with grass, trees, and a swimming hole if they want to cool down. They are fed the best feed available to Thai pigs and a probiotic supplement made from fermented banana, sugar, and salt. This keeps their digestive system healthy and active. All of these things combined ensure a strong pig with wholesome meat. When it comes time for slaughter, it is very important that the pigs are calm, they are never allowed to know what is coming and are killed using the most humane methods. From pregnancy to slaughter, these pigs are treated with the utmost respect.


**our lovely suppler: Slone

Our seafood


Seafood we are using is from the small group of sustainable fishermen in Phachuap Khiri Khan, province in south of Thailand. These fishermen have strong beliefs and commitments to sustainable fishery. They use only tools that catch only fully grown fish and prawn. For the big fish, such as king mackerel, it is line-caught only.


**our lovely suppler: Small & Sustainable fishery group of Phachuap Khiri Khan

Our jasmine rice


Both of our white and brown jasmine rice are from Sisaket province, locates in the North-east of Thailand. The farm who is our supplier, Raitong, has been organic for the past 8 years. Moreover, it is fair trade as well. All labor and farmers in this farm get paid fairly; in fact they are all the family members of our supplier. At Baan, we use only new jasmine rice because we believe it has more flavor and fragrant that Thai jasmine rice should have and known for.


**our lovely suppler: Raitong organic farm